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Animated Icons| two AAA. twenty two Kimi ni Todoke. twelve NEWS (Massu-centric). fifeteen Cardcaptor Sakura.
WALLPAPERS| twelve NEWS (Massu-centric). four Matsushita Yuya. eleven AKB48 (+ no3b and Kojima Haruna centric). four AAA (+ Shinji). four Perfume. two Airi x Mayuyu.

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伊野尾慧 。F.U.

Waratte, Nippon!


 A project made to collect messages of encouragement from all over the world for the people of Japan. Take photos of yourself holding up words of encouragement and hope for those who are striving hard to get back on their feet and to start all over again. Submit it and we'll collect all of the photos by the 19th of March and turn it into a video montage. We will be spreading it on the internet until it reaches Japan and shows them that people care about them. Please click HERE for more information on how to help.

SELLING: Perfume Goods ~ ROUND 2

I'm currently selling Perfume goods from ASMART.JP. The focus of my sales is Perfume's Anniversary goods, but I will take orders for any other goods you want on asmart as well. So it can be something else from Perfume, or even something by another artist, just let me know and I'll add it to your order ;)



Location: Tokyo, Japan
Payment Method: Paypal (yen only) ** Paypal will automatically convert when you pay
Shipping Options: I SHIP WORLDWIDE
Airmail (2-3 weeks) 1300 yen, EMS (3-5 days) 2100 yen **per package/shipment & includes asmart fees

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